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Technical Development Services

We, at NANDFarm, have 10+ years of experience in all stages of electronic design, from component sourcing to assembly to testing.

As digital systems are becoming more and more common, stable and bug-free firmware is mandatory for proper operation. We have extensive experience in firmware programming on a wide variety of controllers.

We go beyond delivery of commonly available electronics to customers. We design custom printed circuit boards (PCBs) from scratch and provide you with ready-to-use, high quality manufactured products.

No project is complete without a proper enclosure. We design custom enclosures and other mechanical parts for your design.

We equip your product with screens, LEDs, buttons, switches and more to achieve the best user experience possible.

We provide in-house, professional rapid prototyping services for any job from small batch PCB assembly to 3D printing and CNC machining. 

Need to talk to someone about your idea? We will provide you with our expertise and put you in contact with all our partners.

As much or as little as you need

Budget control is one of the most important aspect in any project, be it personal or business.  Experienced experts can require a high investment.  For those projects with a tight budget we can be available on an hourly basis. Need a small analysis of the thermal performance of a converter? We’ll do that for you and the report on the results. Everything is negotiable so contact us. It is that simple – if there is more time needed, that’s on us.

What Our Clients Say

"We had a fairly small outdoor electronic project, nevertheless, the engineers at NANDFarm a treated us as if we had a 6 figure project. I could not recommend them enough for any personal or professional job that involves electronics. Thanks again!"
David Lee
These guys are the best in their domain. Extremely professional, knowledgeable, and responsive. Outstanding customer service and top-notch work. They explained why my initial project idea was not going to work and provided me with workarounds.
William Moore
Excellent job. Perfect code. Task delivered on time. Highly recommended.
Vitor Piro
Loads of experience, prompt service with high value solutions, and friendly to boot. They partner with the customer on their high quality to ensure they’re doing it in a cost effective, timely and complete manner. GJ.
Stephen Duron

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